Naruto said it the best: "Question your belief and it'll be over." Never tripped to finish last. Cashed in every single chip that's on my shoulder. The city's got me growing colder... I'm more than happy to admit it. Wake up every morning and I know I gotta get it because I'll be damned I'm dying in a Honda Civic!
Found a fountain full of youthful water, flowing from a spigot. It's got me vamping, like a Misfit. Thoughts to end it with my wrist slit get pushed out my mind. I don't wanna stop. Thinking it's over when I know it not. Fan's are feigning for some more to drop and always stop me for the photo-op. Haters will probably say its Photoshop...
At 4AM I hit the store and cop a couple Red Bulls for the night's I wake up in a cold sweat... I dreamed a life of living with no stress... I'll just work it out like a Bowflex. When my time has comes and it's all said & done... I wonder what I'm gonna find next? I know that even if I never get the cred, I will die knowing I'm the best.
Either way.